Sunday, September 8, 2013

Song of Summer

A song of summer. It may not be your favorite song, but it sure is catchy. It could be the one you listened to on repeat ten times in a row after you very first heard it. It could be the song that played at least every hour on every radio station (if you still listen to the radio). It could be the song that reminds you of great memories from the summer.

For me, it is a mix of all of the above. It's Icona Pop's I LOVE IT.

Hit play and I'm thinking of all the times I spent dancing (well, arm dancing) in the passenger seat of Vipin's car. I'm thinking of that crazy Tuesday night in July when I accidentally went to a nightclub with my coworkers - and the entire club was bumpin'* to this song at 3:30am. I'm thinking of the dancefloor party at my friend Michelle's wedding, dancing like it was my job with all my closest college friends, even though I could barely move after one too many mini nutella milkshakes. I'm thinking of the happiest times of this summer.

What is your song of summer?

*Do people still use the word bumpin'? This is why I don't belong in nightclubs. I can't even properly describe what happens in those places. 

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  1. Blurred Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiines! We "bumped" to it twice at the wedding :)